Physics IIT – XII (Hard Copy/COD)

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Includes The Following:

Chapter 1 Electrostatics & capacitance (Class XII)
Chapter 2 Electric Current (Class XII)
Chapter 3 Magnetic Field (Class XII)
Chapter 4 Electromagnetic Induction (ClassXII)
Chapter 5 Alternating Current (Class XII)
Chapter 6 Optics + Wave optics (Class XII)
Chapter 7 Atomic Structure (Class XII)

Why Toppersnotes?
  1. Written by Toppers & have the content of  those teachers who has experience of producing many Toppers with in TOP AIR .
  2. For those who are in remote areas and do not have access to good teachers theses are the best notes to Score a good rank in any Exam.
  3. Contains Exhaustive theory, nice  solved examples for conceptual clarity and method used by toppers to solve any type of question.
  4. Clear Handwriting and with lots of shortcuts & magical methods that save your time and increase your efficiency
  5. Cover all topics and concepts so that you don’t miss anything in your preparation.

Feature of Handwritten Toppers Notes:-
    1. Latest edition of Notes.
    2. Clean and good handwriting.
    3. Detailed indexing with page numbers so that can access any topic easily.
    4. Time Saver and Cost Effective.

A one stop solution of all your needs to secure a good Rank.


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17 reviews for Physics IIT – XII (Hard Copy/COD)

  1. sohil khan

    Har 7-8 comment ke baad simple comment dallne hia like pretty good so so Nice, Could have been much better ,

  2. lucky

    nicely written, i like 9 books out of ten.

  3. abhishak kuamar

    fabulous notes. I really liked the concept and the product

  4. rajbala

    Great notes!! easy to understand and conceptual

  5. kamlesh dahela

    best notes in the market. Wonderful work toppersnotes team!

  6. hehen mela

    Become a topper in any field with the powerful analysis

  7. tarun rana

    Great Initiative Team !

  8. purvi jain

    yes sir I am very like your note

  9. harsh

    keep enlightening the bright minds !!

  10. tanisha kuamri

    They are doing a really great job by providing notes of toppers.

  11. manisha sharma

    Nic to refer books.

  12. supirya

    Marvelous job done by toppersnotes team. Just check samples on their website and you will realize the amount of effort the team has done. Thanx

  13. ankur

    nice platform for getting various notes for those who cannot go to coaching centres

  14. chetna chdelani

    Very good efforts by them….works like catalyst.

  15. kalish

    these notes really help to boost up my preparation….

  16. kulchi mahela

    must recommend for those who are looking to get a government job

  17. aman champalya

    I can see they have put a lot of effort in bringing compiled notes of toppers. Keep it up

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